Upcoming Events:

We welcome you to join us at our events! Please note that most events depend on cooperation from the weather and are subject to change. 

Hayfield on Keeler 3 Helen Houghton   Photo Credit: H. Houghton

Join us for Second Sunday Hikes!

We are excited to have you join us on the second Sunday of each month for a guided hike with a naturalist, board member, staff member or volunteer steward. Please note that the time or location is subject to change dependent on weather.  

Citizen Science Project - Sunday, January 12th at 10am at Baxter Preserve - Save the praying mantises! Join us to search for praying mantis egg cases, called ootheca, and be a part of our Citizen Science project! Further instructions given at the hike. 

Cross-Country Ski and Hike  - Sunday, February 9th at 10am at Baxter Preserve 

Snowshoe Hike - Sunday, March 8th at 10am at Marx Preserve

Vernal Pool and Amphibian Hike - Sunday, April 12th at 10am at Gaymark and Mills Preserves

Spring Flowers - Sunday, May 10th at 10am at Weil Preserve 

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